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Mutt Bath

Our dog has discovered how to cool himself down after a hot summer day chasing tennis balls in the park.

Try it for yourself. 🙂


March 24 2011 | Pets And Animals | Comments Off on Mutt Bath

Maddie Christmas Everyone

Maddie loves swiping Christmas balls out of the tree. 🙂
(Half the stuff is on the floor already)

That's the spirit Maddie

December 24 2010 | Pets And Animals | Comments Off on Maddie Christmas Everyone


At daycare they have this guinea pig, which my son calls “Peet”.

We were allowed to take it home for the weekend.

“Peet” wasn’t phased by anything; not by our dog, not by our cat, and was in fact quite happy to go in the bath!


Erm … Maddie – what are you doing?

Peet and Maddie

Courageous little creature, that’s for sure.

November 28 2009 | Pets And Animals | Comments Off on Peet

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