Killing the Sweet Tooth

March 17th, 2014      Email this article to a friend Email this article to a friend

Okay, so I’ve got a sweet tooth, but I may have found a way to fix it. Here’s how.

When I first started “chomping sugar” I got a cavity in one of my teeth after a while. Strange. Was that the sweet tooth?

Then years later one of my teeth starts feeling very sensitive, uncomfortable, until eventually the nerve of the tooth died. Root canal says the dentists, which he promptly did. Pain doesn’t go away though, and persists for weeks, ruining (parts of) my holiday. Dentists takes another x-ray. Ah, wrong tooth. He does a root canal on the neighboring tooth, and the pain goes away straight away. “It happens sometimes that two teeth need a root canal at the same time” he says.

A bit of the tooth filling broke off within a week, and new dentist says x-ray shows suspicious items inside my tooth that could be left over drill bits… Erm.

Several fillings later, a shard of one of the teeth broke off below the gum line. Ouch. That can’t be fixed, so the tooth basically has to be removed, and the other was one a similar path.

I finally saw an opportunity to kill the sweet tooth (whichever one it was), lead a sugar-free life, and decided to do the right thing. Which was running away I thought, but it turned out that it’s better to be proactive in this case.

Anyway, the two teeth could only be removed by a specialist. They used an approach of intravenous sedation, but with amnesia as a side-effect. That’s right!

I basically ‘woke up’ with no recollection of the surgery at all. Gone. Nothing. I checked with the dentist, and they definitely confirmed that I was conscious during it all. It’s a really weird experience.

Not sure if I want to remember either if I had the choice, but it’s certainly strange to have time gone missing. It felt like I was ‘taken’. 🙂

So yeah, that’s how you kill the sweet tooth. Hopefully. 😉

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