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A Vision Board is a ‘place’ where you list all your goals, dreams, and stuff that inspires you – as vividly as possible.

The easiest way to create a Vision Board is probably to get yourself a pin board, and some notes.

Pin board
The World Vision quote is from a 10 year old orphan, and helps put things into perspective

The concept itself is of course many years old, but I must admit that Vision Board does sound a lot nicer than say “project list”.

The reason a Vision Board works is because your brain loves working towards something. It’s what makes us tick. We’re built for going on journeys, exploring, and experiencing new things. When we give up on our dreams, a part of us dies, and we we become (or stay) depressed. So it’s vital we keep moving.

By consistently focusing on my outcome, my brain has proven time after time it can achieve the things I set out to do. When it comes down to it, our brains are actually quite creative in coming up with alternative faster ways to get to your goals provided you keep thinking about them. It’s like your brain realizes you’re serious about them, and starts making more of an effort. Research has also shown that people who write down their goals/dreams are far more likely to achieve them.

I often add lots of other inspirational “stuff” to my Vision Board as well. Things like quotes, insights, inspiration, articles, pictures of family or people I admire, etc. I frequently change the quotes to keep me inspired. I’ve also extended my ‘Board’ with notes in the car, around my computer, at work, and behind the bathroom mirror, etc. Anything goes as long as I see it often.

My Vision Board is within reach when I’m feeling low, and I simply feel happier when I’m looking at it, or when I take one small step closer to the things I really want, and care about. My desire eventually comes back, and then I also feel much happier again. I’ve noticed that without a Vision Board this process takes much longer.

If you prefer to keep your vision board out of sight, you can also consider using plain index cards which are pretty cool too. Much easier to carry around, and also convenient when you want to sort them in order of importance.

Index cards
Portable vision board

Frequently reviewing your long term goals is also good for decision making. For example, I find it much easier to choose between a lolly, and my long-term diet goals when my goals are still fresh in my mind.

Don’t limit yourself by what you think is possible or not, just dream it, and stick it on your Vision Board. You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve. 😉

So keep believing, and create your Vision Board today.

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